How to


After much research on my own and working with the team at Hokey Pokey, the following are the products that I have chosen to work with.  They are water based products and wash off easily.  The brands do matter, as some work better than others.  I’ve had great success with the brands I’ve listed, but feel free to look into other options if you wish.  Also, start out with just a few items.  Don’t over purchase.  You can always add more to your collection if you are enjoying the process.  In the photo above, I had a pallet to start with which was perfect.  Then I added a few extra colours.  The colours also mix beautifully, so you can get to most colours jut by blending.  There are video samples of blending that may help.

**Remember, it is always recommended to do a test on your arm prior to trying any new product to be sure that you won’t have a reaction.  I have done this with each of the new items I have introduced to my scalp.

Brands I use

  • Diamond FX.
  • Global Body Art.
  • Superstar.
  • Fusion Body Art.
  • TAG Body Art.

Other supplies

Not only am I using paints, but sometimes stencils, different types of sponges, glitters, sparkles, and whatever we can use to aid with creativity.

Here is a list of other items

  • Stencils. Have a good variety.
  • Sparkles, dry, water based or in aloe gel.
  • Glitter, dry, water based or in aloe gel.
  • Paint brushes. Have a variety of sizes.
  • Sponges of different shapes, sizes and textures.
  • Small cups were used to create circles for one design.
  • Leaves from the park where used for my fall look.

Additional items

The list is always growing with what I use.  Sometime you may see something not listed that I’ve used in a photo or video.  Feel free to ask.

A few other items

  • Small water spray bottle helps to keep paint wet with easy.
  • ProLong Pro Aiir. Please see video for additional information.
  • Paint Brush holder, not required but if your collection grows, it will help out.
  • Paint carrier, again, not required, but as collection grows, it can be helpful.
  • Plastic cutting board with smooth surface for mixing paints.
  • See my video of my “Go Bag” as I empty out and show what I have inside.