Head painting #20 – Sept. 16, 2019 – Seahorses

Susan had fun creating this special seahorse! It was one used for another filming by another news station (has not been aired yet). Can you find the hidden baby seahorse?

Head painting #21 – Sep. 23, 2019 – Fall leaves

Carmen took on this challenge for the first day of fall! She stopped at a park on the way to my house and selected a number of different leaves off the ground to use as stencils! It turned out to be a fantastic idea and looked fantastic!

Head Painting #22 – Sep. 27, 2019 – Stained Glass

So many have been nervous about trying out painting my head. I love when people are willing to take a chance! Deva did, and it turned out fantastic! Reaching back to an idea she did back in elementary school, this was so much fun and easy to create! I will have how to videos posted soon showing all sorts of ideas, but also on how this was created! I so loved all the colours on this!!!!

Head painting #23 – sep. 30, 2019 – White Lace and Gems

Another Susan creation! This had been in the plans for awhile. We had to test the Henna White Lace on my arm along with a gem to make sure it might last. This was so amazing in the end. It’s a bit different to remove it, but it lasted strong all week and the gems all stayed on until I took them off. I LOVED this look! All dressed up! And, no, it doesn’t bother me to sleep on the gems, I don’t even feel them!

Head Painting #24 – Oct. 7, 2019 – Winging it

Susan’s work is all over the place. She is my go to if there is a cancellation due to illness or plans change for a pre planned painting. This was another one of those. I showed up at her place, no plan in place. And she just went with it! And again, it turned out so special and beautiful and different from all the rest!

Head Painting #25 – oct. 11, 2019 – Fall Bouquet

This was another one that was chosen for filming/shot for publicity. It was the Friday before Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and turned out so striking! I’ve also included some of the photos that shows the steps Susan takes when she is actually painting. She has amazing talent!

Head Painting #26 – Oct. 14, 2019 – Galaxy Time

When a dear friend’s daughter is willing to take on the challenge! This 12 year old has serious talent and is using this project for her art portfolio! It took us a long time to find a date that would work, and so thrilled with the outcome! Again, I’ve included some of the shots showing the layering and technique she used.

Head Painting #27 – oct. 19, 2019 – Butterfly stencil

I had to remove the galaxy (#26)this morning as it was really scrubbing off. My youngest son was willing to play and work with stencils to start and then add some detail after. A fun, low stress painting time that didn’t take long. Tomorrow I have an MRI, so NO sparkles allowed! This would only be on my head for a few days, so fun and easy was perfect! LOVE IT! #healingheadart

head painting #28 – Oct. 21, 2019 – Super hero powers

Super hero powers, KICKING CANCERS ASS! With the help of some special friends!!! That is how I see all the friends, staff, family and everyone who helped me through this journey so far! Whether it’s painting my head, helping with meals, attending appointments, keeping me in prayer or the 50 other ways friends are all helping along the journey. And the nurses, doctors and staff… We can’t to it without them! Together we are kicking this thing called cancer! Nadia did a spectacular job bring this vision to my head! I’m am so thrilled to be done with this phase of weekly chemo and this is my way of celebrating the departure of that weekly chemo! Lots more to come, but for now!!! YES!!!! Super Heroes unite to kick cancer as a team!!!

head painting #29 – oct. 28, 2019 – Halloween

This one has been planned for awhile, although the final plan is always still adapted and adjusted on the fly! Susan did this one and did some freestyle work as well as using some stencils. The combination of the two really worked the scene she wanted on my head! I’m loving this look and will have fun being out and about this week!